Why Craft?

Craft 1861 is a company that believes our customers should bask in serenity and have complete enjoyment when using CBD. Whether you are a business owner, athlete, traveler or a stay at home parent, if you want to experience the amazing health and lifestyle benefits of CBD products, then you have come to the right place . . . Craft 1861.

Craft 1861 is dedicated to providing untainted, natural products that uplift and balance your healthy lifestyle. We are innovators to our very core. The products we create are simple, natural and sustainable. Through integrity and honesty, we strive to push the status quo in the pursuit of excellence. We manufacture safe and effective products by using quality sourced ingredients. From farm to lab, our team of specialists work meticulously to extract, formulate and test our 100% pure CBD oil which is in all our products.

What Matters


Accept, embrace, initiate it. Strive to push the status quo in the pursuit of excellence. Seek out opportunities, use good judgment, take risks, and excel.


Value different viewpoints. Learn from each other. Teach, coach, and listen to create an environment where everyone has ownership of their role.


The cornerstone of all successful teams is communication. Listen and respect viewpoints with the end goal of maintaining unity.


“Work hard, Play hard”. If we aren’t happy and balanced as individuals, we definitely won’t be an effective team.