What keeps us grounded

Craft 1861 oils bring a unique and refreshing perspective to the cannabis product landscape. With bright, pure flavors, our oils are a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with harshly flavored, inconsistent strains. From farm to lab, our team of specialists work exhaustively, extracting, formulating, and testing our 100% pure cold-pressed cannabis oil to bring you a premium product positioned to revolutionize cannabis as we know it.

Founded and rooted in the soil of Calaveras County, California, Craft 1861 has always been dedicated to cultivating a pure, natural product that would enhance the user experience through their artisan cannabis blends. Craft 1861's highest priority is developing luxury products by using quality, local ingredients and farms.

Our mission is to create and sustain a flourishing micro-economy of artisan small farms, industry leading manufacturing, exceptional products, outstanding customer service, and community service as creators of the new cannabis culture.

We value honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork above all else. We are an open company where everyone has the information and tools to innovate and excel. We encourage risk taking, celebrate moxie and reward success.

We are a growth company. We grow sales and profits by relentless development of the cannabis market.

Craft 1861 is built upon the belief that cannabis can enhance a way of living like none other. We want to change the conversation around cannabis by promoting positive and healthy lifestyles of responsible cannabis consumers.

What Matters


Know your responsibilities and live up to your commitments.
Do the "right thing" and always influence others to do the same.


Value different viewpoints. Learn from each other. Teach, coach, and listen to create an environment where everyone has ownership of their role.


Accept, embrace, initiate it. Strive to push the status quo in the pursuit of excellence. Seek out opportunities, use good judgment, take risks, and excel.


The cornerstone of all successful teams is communication. Listen and respect view points with the end goal of maintaining unity.


"Work hard, Play hard". If we aren't happy and balanced as individuals, we definitely won't be an effective or passionate team.