Calaveras County is a small, rural area of California with a strong community and roots dating back to the Gold Rush. Situated in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills, whose snowmelt runs through, Calaveras County provides an optimal environment for cultivating cannabis and a strong brand. The environment and people bring a sense of belonging, community, and collaboration.

People have grown cannabis quietly in Calaveras County for decades. But after the word got out that Calaveras was the place to capitalize on cheap land and unregulated territory. A gap between the devastating Butte Fire and the County's permitting process led to the "green rush" of Calaveras.


At an average elevation of over 2000 ft above sea level in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and halfway between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, Calaveras County has 261 sunny days per year. Sun and elevation combine to creates a unique, and ideal climate for producing premium sun-grown cannabis.

Sun-grown cannabis reflects the terroir where it was grown, a concept familiar to coffee and wine connoisseurs. Our Kind certified farms use modern open-air techniques, combined with organic best practices, to produce premium plants. The way we farm is just as important as our yield, and our farmers ethos produces cannabis in harmony with its environment, using methods drawn from the natural ecosystems. Our famers are driven by their passion for helping patients to live a better life.

The Farms