Craft 1861 To Partner With WBC To Launch CBD Wellness Products

Craft 1861, a maker of hemp cannabidiol or CBD technology and products, said it will partner with the World Boxing Council or WBC to develop a new line of co-branded CBD wellness products to be distributed globally.

This venture is the largest and first co-branded line of products to be distributed globally between a CBD company and a sports organization.

Under the industry-exclusive venture with WBC, Craft 1861 and WBC will also work toward developing a new recovery protocol, educational initiatives and nutrition programs. The WBC has a presence in 166 countries worldwide.

Craft 1861 CBD products do not contain THC, the psychoactive component found in cannabis. The company was also the first from the CBD industry to sponsor an IndyCar team, which competed in the 2019 Indianapolis 500.

The WBC-Craft 1861 venture includes research to develop CBD wellness protocol that can be used by ringside trainers and medical personnel.

The protocol envisioned by Craft 1861 and the WBC will feature Craft 1861’s zero THC specialized CBD products, which can be formulated for an immediate intervention within minutes of injury to help athletes recover.The WBC-Craft 1861 project aims to eventually allow the safe and effective administration of immediate intervention to boxers who sustain injury and require longer-term treatment.

A portion of sales of the Craft 1861 + WBC co-branded products will directly go to the WBC José Sulaimán Boxers Fund, which assists retired professional boxers facing financial hardship.

The WBC and Craft 1861 hope to make their products available in the near future in training facilities, retail outlets, online and in event venues.

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